Calgary: Coolest Places To Visit

things to do in CalgaryOn my way to the Rockies, we visited the Canadian city of Calgary. It was a two-day tour. I realized that Calgary offers several cool places to check out. In fact, it is an excellent choice if you have to hike, ski, or go sightseeing. Also, if you are looking for entertainment and fun, Calgary has loads to offer.


  • Climb the Top of Calgary Tower


Even though the Calgary Tower is tiny in comparison to the CN Tower of Toronto, it is a great place to visit in order to get a panoramic view of the entire city. As a matter of fact, you will also be able to see the Rockies. Previously, this was called the Husky Tower. You will be able to get information about the tower and attractions around the city through the audio guide.


  • Enjoy a Walk Around Calgary Parks


Since I visited the city in the early month of May, winter was over but the weather wasn’t that warm yet. This is the reason we decided to explore the green spaces and park of Calgary. It is a short walk from downtown Calgary to Bow River. At the southern part of the river, I found the RiverWalk where you can go for a walk or bike ride. You can also visit the Prince’s Island Park. It is covered by Public Park.


  • Have a Musical Experience at Studio Bell


I am not much of a museum person but a visit to Studio Bell completely changed my mind. It is a cool building having a giant arch that spans on the street below. It harbors the National Music Center, the biggest music-related museum that has a performance hall. The Hall of Fame of this museum is dedicated to Canadian music. It organizes temporary exhibitions that are dedicated to different artists. Also, there are rooms where you can learn to play different musical instruments by following the video tutorials.