Dakhla Oasis – The Colorless City

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The oasis is surrounded by the lush green gardens and streets, however, hosts one of the highly barren desserts in its insides. The place is highly iconic and is only covered in mud and sand. The whole city is like a big brown lump, no other colors can you actually spot in this place except for the ones of clothes people wear. The city is known as the Sand city since even the houses are here made of mud and all the streets are covered in sand. You can go for dessert trailing, it is very tiring but once you reach there you will absolutely adore the architectures you will spot. Here are some of my recommendations for visiting the town.

Qarat Al Muzawwaqa

These tombs are over two hundred centuries old and were discovered and then rediscovered by the Islamic rulers in the early 1800s. These tombs hold a special place around Egypt since the rulers who owned these were the religious locals to their country and their motive of removing any bad from the country. The place other than holding historical value now also holds religious values among the citizens around the city. The tombs have over ten different towers, each of which is naked on the rulers who rediscovered them. You can take an independent tour for the tombs and visit them, but only three of the towers are allowed to be visited by the public.

El Forsan Café

The café in the most famous eating joint around the city, the chef here is almost 60 years old and not one day has she been absent from her joint. The woman started her career as a falafel server on a small kiosk which she would drive around the city attached cycle. And gradually today she reached a point where she owns 17 different franchises all around Egypt, and still, the most customer favorite popular dish in her café is the twenty different kinds of falafel flavors she makes.