Flagstaff- A Charming Desert Destination

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Flagstaff is one of the major cities in Arizona that has many natural tourist attractions. Surrounded by pine forests and mountains, the place is an ideal holiday home for local and foreign tourists. The city experiences semi-continental weather with snowy winters and wet monsoon. Besides natural wonders like the tallest mountain peak in the state, the city is home to several monuments and landmarks of historic importance. Listed below are the 3 best spots in Flagstaff


  • Walnut Canyon National Monument


Located near Interstate 40 is the Walnut Canyon National Monument where you can see a canyon with a rim elevation of 6,690 feet. The looping trails of the canyon leads to several cliff dwelling rooms that were built between 1100 to 1250 CE by a pre-Columbian civilization called ‘Sinagua’ that inhabited the place. We started our journey in the morning and we reached the site after hiking for nearly an hour. The winding trails descending into the canyon was quite adventurous and the ancient ruins were truly magnificent.


  • Lowell Observatory


After a day-long tour, we reached the Lowell Observatory located along Mars Hill Road by evening. The admission fee was $12 each. The place was well kept and the staff members were cordial. The real excitement started when the authorities helped us watch the night sky using Mr. Lowell’s huge telescope installed in the observatory. We were amazed at the clarity with which all the planets and satellites could be seen. They also helped us locate the Milky Way Galaxy. On the whole, it was a great experience.


  • Coconino National Forest


Coconino National Forest is a group of landscapes including ponderosa pine forests, ancient Volcanic peaks, deserts, mesas, and flatlands. Visiting the place was a relaxing experience. The highlight of the trip was the dense pine forest and the incredibly beautiful views from the hilly terrains. The site is ideal for camping, fishing, and other recreational activities.