Huludao – Perfect for a Beach Vacation with Your Family

In my quest to discover beaches and coastline destinations in China I stumbled upon this city. It will bring you closest to Shanghai Pass, the point where Great Wall ends at the Bohai Sea. The city has a coastal region where plenty of sea breeze can be enjoyed as well as fresh seafood such as shellfishes and jellyfish. It is also home to large orchards which grow apples, jujubes and nectarines. The city has affordable and convenient transportation to take you around. I traveled here from Beijing which is also a few hours away from this place.

Beach Destinations – Longwan and Xingcheng

These are the two popular beach areas you can visit as I did. They have beautiful shorelines and I discovered several luxury resorts here. Xingcheng area is also dotted with hot springs which were interesting; some even had hot spring spa resorts which are great for your health. Juhua island is close by here which is also a sought after vacation spot.

Explore the Old Town Area

This area is located in Xingcheng and it preserves a part of Ming Dynasty flawlessly. There are unique dividers here as well as sanctuaries and other constructions that showcase the engineering of yesteryears which I enjoyed exploring.

Witness Architecture of the Great Wall

Here I witnessed the great wall that passes through Huludao. There is a divider here with nine entryways and a traversing point for Daqing waterway. This area of the Great Wall worked over a water body was recorded as a site of World Heritage since 2002.

Natural Attractions and Wildlife at Xingcheng Haibin National Park

This is yet another popular tourist location which was part of my travel itinerary. A day’s trip to this took me exploring an old town here as well as an island, hot springs, views of the sea and mountains. Juhua Island is also easy to access from here. It is on Bohai Bay which has several historical sites as well.