Loja: One Of The Most Beautiful Cities In Ecuador

Loja is formally known as Loxa. I visited Loja while I was on the tour of Ecuador; Loja is one of the famous cities of Ecuador. There are various small salsa and music club. The people are so in love with music that they sing during their daily tasks. I visited Parque Recreacional Jipiro; it is a park which feels like being in heaven. It is really relaxing to be there. There were lots of things to do. There are various animals to have fun with. There are two young giraffes and I saw flamingo bird and peacocks enjoying in the park. There was an artificial lake which was really beautiful, it had paddleboats and swing food stalls.

Puerta de la Ciudad was my next stop, where I enjoyed climbing the tower. There was a small museum which was cute and fun to watch.

Parque Nacional Podocarpus is a huge park. After the entrance, I had to walk for almost 7 km. Then, interesting features of the forest took away my attention from the amount of walking I was doing as I got lost in the beauty and mystery of nature. If you are planning to visit the park, count it to consume 3 hours.

I took a walk-through Calle Lourdes. The street was decorated from up to down with paintings and they were so beautiful and vibrant. There were few tiny shops to pop in and buy if something catches your eye.

My trip continued as I went to Museo de la Musica. The place was beautiful and full of musical aroma. The entry was free and you could buy the stuff you can pay for. But, most of the things were in Spanish and thus, it can get tough for a foreigner to understand most of the stuff.