Lynn Haven Is The Place To Be With Family

Lynn Haven is one of the biggest cities of Panama City. It is present in the north of Panama City.  We went to the city with my friends last week. This is an awesome place to spend a vacation. The population is not much, so won’t find crowds everywhere. The city witnesses huge inflow of tourists around the year. The city has great climatic conditions and favorable for tourism. I was not much aware of sites that we should cover in this city, so I took the help of local guides. Also, I made some local friends to have a deep understanding of this city and who can help us to explore the real attractions of this place.

The city has many parks and some of the famous parks here are A.l. Kinsaul Park, Cain Griffin Park, Leslie Porter Wayside Park, Sharon J. Sheffield Park, and Zollie Young Park. I went to all these parks and found all of them good for one time visit. You will find a couple of interesting things in each park like greens of A.l. Kinsaul Park, sports facility of Cain Griffin Park, etc. Yet, it will take a couple of days to cover all the parks nearby.

Lake Martin is another interesting destination in Lynn Haven. The lake has fresh water and lots of beauty surrounded. You enjoy fishing here along and can also come for a family picnic. I find this lake truly rejuvenating. To reach this lake you will have to take a short ride from Lynn Haven, but it has every worth.

Bay County Parks & Recreation is another place I find pleasure. The park is dedicated to outdoor recreational activities and there are many facilities present here for those who love sports.