Portalegre – A City Of Cultural Wonders

Portalegre is a city in Portugal, located by the mountain range of Serra de São Mamede.  The upland city is known for its old convents and historic cathedrals. The place has lots of green landscapes, parks, and gardens that are frequently visited by local and foreign tourists. Our stay at one of the finest resorts in Portalegre was quite memorable. It is an ideal location for enjoying a quiet family holiday. Some of the best places to visit are described below:

  • Portalegre Cathedral

Portalegre Cathedral is the most visited church in the city. The place is also referred to as Sé de Portalegre or the Catedral de Portalegre. The construction of the historic monument took around 2 centuries and was finished in the 17th century. The beautiful cathedral is an example of Renaissance architecture at its best. The interiors were majestically decorated with antique paintings, statues, carvings, wooden structures, and classic furniture.

  • Museu Da Tapecaria

Our trip to Museu Da Tapecaria, the famous museum of tapestries was an amazing experience. The place exhibits a huge collection of woven tapestries. The museum is a tribute to the celebrated entrepreneur Guy Fino who, along with his friend Manuel Celestino Peixeiro revolutionized the tapestry industry during the 1940s. The unique weaving technique invented by them made Portalegre into a popular tapestry town. The exhibits were quite interesting and included both antique and modern designs.

  • Castle of Portalegre

The 13th-century castle is one of the oldest monuments in the city. As of today, the place preserves the restored ruins of the castle which is surrounded by a beautiful garden and stone pathway. In 1922, the castle was designated as a National monument. Following extensive restorations in the 1960s and 1990s, a small museum was built inside the castle. The museum exhibits war relics and weaponry that dates back to the 15th century.