Salvador: The City Of Heritage Buildings

If you are planning a tour to an amusing destination then Salvador should be on the top of your tourist list. I have explored the city and it is well known for its Portuguese Colonial Architecture. Some of these buildings have earned UNESCO World Heritage designation. The wonderful churches and Monasteries had caught my attention at first glance. I will share my experience with some of the famous and well-known tourist spots.


  • Pelourinho


The 17th – 18th-century old buildings of Pelourinho are declared as World Heritage site. This place is referred to as a city within a city and a historic place. The place houses a city museum. The museum consists of the sacred art. This is the most wonderful place where I had spent hours gazing at the historic heritage and the wonderful artwork. I still remember the amusing and amazing old colonial building of this place. Many buildings of this place are renovated.


  • São Francisco


This church is highly decorative and it consists of gold-cladded carving. The church is so intricately carved that its beauty had mesmerized me. The ceiling appears to be the most beautiful as it is decorated with the scenes of Mary. The walls are beautified with amazing pictures of Portuguese style.


  • Cathedral


This is the most attractive and wonderful place which I had visited. The interior of this cathedral is decorated in the baroque style with Portuguese pictorial tiles as well as painted ceiling panels.


  • Carmelite Church


The architecture of this church is classic Baroque with elegant twin bell towers. It appears to be completely lined with gold. I was amazed by the sacred artwork of the museum here. The attractive and decorative features of the convent here are preserved today as a luxury hotel.


  • Beaches


Salvador is located on a peninsula which separates the natural harbor of Baía de Todos Santos from Atlantic Ocean. The region is lined with beautiful white sand beaches which are a wonderful spot for picnic, hang-out, and swimming.