Townsville: What to do and Where to Go?

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Townsville is quite underrated amongst tourists but it turned out to be an ideal destination for me as I was looking for a less touristy spot.  You have several opportunities to enjoy marine activities and the atmosphere. It is a great place to visit with your loved one or family. I had put together a list of things that you can do when you are in Townsville.

Visit the Strand

Along the calming water of Cleveland Bay is the strand which stretches for about 2.5 kilometers. Soak in the tropical vibe just after you arrive. The view of the blue-green water is just breathtaking. The coconut palms swaying the breeze and the Magnetic Island touching the horizon will give you a stunning view. There is also a water park and you can visit with your children.   Cool off in the lagoon pools. Strolling, biking, and jogging are other fun activities that you can do.

Take a Day Trip of Magnetic Island

Just 8 km away from Townsville is the Magnetic Island. The beach is beautiful and there are abundant areas of wilderness. It comes under the area of the Great Barrier Reef. I took a walk along the scenic trails around the area. I was also lucky enough to spot a koala snoozing on a branch of a tree. There are facilities for scuba diving and kayaking. I stayed there the night to make the most of my trip to the island.

Visit Castle Hill

It is one of the most iconic landmarks of this city. Climb to the peak to get a view of the entire city. This looks gorgeous. There are several walking tracks lacing the hill. I took a walk to the top but if you are not up for it, you can take a drive.