What You Can Do In Qingdao During Your Trip?

Qingdao is present in the eastern Shandong province. The city is popular for skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, and parks. The city is bordered by the Yellow Sea. Qingdao is famous for beer and has many more attractions that make it a tourist city.

During my trip to Qingdao, I visited all the noted sites and find some of them very interesting. I spent fifteen days in the city and explored every nooks and crannies of the place. Have a look at the city from my eyes.

Top things to do in Qingdao

The locals guided me to visit Mount Lao or the mountain Laoshan first in the city as it is one of the top attractions here. So, I started my journey from here only.

This is the largest coastal mountain range of China. It comprises of several mountains and beauty of this place is unexplainable. The mountain range has 13 bays and coves and it is dotted with 18 islets.  This makes it the number one coastal mountain tourist resort in China. Reach at the peak of the mountain to catch some rare view of the city. After viewing the beauty of mountain range completely, I headed towards my next destination that is Zhanqiao Pier. This is the symbol of Qingdao and it is the oldest pier. You will be amazed to have a look at this pier as it is wonderful.

My next destination was Qingdao Beer Museum. The museum lies on the ancient site of the Tsingtao Brewery Company and it is the world famous company in brewing. Visit the museum to learn more about brewing. The staff here will give you good information about the same.

Xiao Qingdao is another spot that attracted me the most. The seashore is covered by grass and trees and its shape is like an ancient violin.